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    Are your wallpapers safe for babies and kids rooms?

    Yes they are. Our wallpapers are manufactured and independently tested to achieve the European Union’s CE mark UK and the United Kingdom’s UKCA mark which demand high safety standards. If you have any specific questions in regard to these safety standards, please get in touch with us.


    Our wallpapers meet all current wallcovering regulations and standards with regards to indoor air quality. Our wallpapers demonstrate the highest possible standards with tests confirming extremely low VOC emission levels.

    Vinyl and Flame Retardant Coating

    Our wallpapers do not contain vinyl and they are not coated in flame retardant material.

    Water Based Inks

    The majority of our wallpaper designs use water based inks. Occasionally we have to use a solvent based ink to get the required depth of colour or for metallic inks. If you have a question about a particular wallpaper design, please get in touch with us (info@hibouhome.com) and we will be happy to help.

    Are your wallpapers eco friendly?

    Yes, all our wallpapers are printed in the UK using paper sustainably and ethically sourced from FSC and PEFC accredited suppliers.

    What are Batch Numbers and why are they important?

    Wallpaper is printed in batches and there can be small colour differences between batches. We do not recommend using wallpaper from different batches together, therefore, please ensure you purchase enough rolls for your project when you order, so we can supply wallpaper rolls from the same batch.

    If you need to order additional rolls, please add a note to your order requesting the Batch number you need. The Batch number is printed on the wallpaper label on each roll.

    Please note, if you are ordering additional rolls, we cannot guarantee we will always have the same batch in stock.

    Can I order a wallpaper sample?

    Yes, samples are available to order – please select Sample from the Size Menu on the wallpaper product page. Our wallpaper samples are the full width of the wallpaper (52cm wide/20.5 ins) and 30cm/11.8ins high.

    What types of wallpaper do you sell?

    We sell two types of wallpaper – non woven (paste the wall) and traditional paper (paste the paper).

    Traditional wallpapers are ‘paste the paper’ application: you apply the wallpaper paste/adhesive to the reverse of the wallpaper and then attach the wallpaper to the wall.

    Non-woven wallpapers are ‘paste the wall’ application: you apply the wallpaper paste/adhesive to the wall and then attach the wallpaper to the wall.

    The following designs are non woven: Castles and Dragons, Dinosaurs, Fleur, Into The Wild, Portraits, Rainbows, Raindrops, Starry Sky, Stars, Swans, Teepees and Woodland Wonders.

    The following designs are traditional paper: Cactus Cowboy, Enchanted Wood and Gymkhana.

    Are your wallpapers easy to hang?

    Yes, our non-woven wallpapers are easy to hang as you apply the paste/adhesive to the wall and then attach the wallpaper to the wall.

    This means they are a good option if you are new to wallpapering.

    What size are your wallpaper rolls?

    Our wallpapers are a standard European size: 10 metres long and 52 cm wide (33 feet long and 20.5 inches wide).

    Our wallpaper rolls are the equivalent of a US double roll.

    How many rolls do I need to order?

    For purposes of calculation it is wise to ignore windows and doors and treat walls with them in as full walls. It is likely that as much paper will be used cutting and piecing around the recesses as would be used on a straight drop.

    Please ask your decorator to check the quantity of wallpaper you require. If you need any additional assistance, please email us with the height and width of your wall(s) and we will be happy to help.

    Which wallpaper pastes/adhesives do you recommend?

    We recommend using the following pre-mixed wallpaper pastes with both our non-woven and traditional paper wallpapers.

    Cole and Son Tub Paste

    Sanderson Elite Ready Mixed Paste

    Little Greene Ready Mixed Wallpaper Adhesive

    Harlequin Ready Mixed Adhesive Paste

    Beeline Ready Mixed Vinyl Adhesive

    Albany Super Smooth Wallcovering Adhesive (available from Brewers decorators stores in the UK)

    What is pattern matching?

    The pattern match describes how the repeat is physically adjusted on the wall surface so that the design elements match up between adjacent strips. Our wallpapers use two types: half drop and straight match.

    The pattern match will be found on the wallpaper label on each roll.

    Where can I find the wallpaper hanging instructions?

    Instructions on how to hang the wallpaper are included on the reverse of the packaging label inside each wallpaper roll. It is important that these are followed carefully.

    We also include a copy of our Wallpaper Guide with each order. Please read this carefully as it lists recommended wallpaper pastes and has important advice on how to hang our non-woven wallpaper designs.

    Do I need to use lining paper?

    Lining paper gives a perfect base on which to hang wallpaper and disguises any minor imperfections in the wall, therefore we would always recommend it. It is also good practise if you are new to wallpaper hanging.

    You must use the same adhesive for your lining paper as your top paper.

    If you are using a paste the wall paper, use a paste the wall lining paper.

    Lining paper should be hung horizontally (this is called cross lining). This will give an even finish when the top wallpaper is hung over it.

    If you do not wish to use lining paper, please ensure the wall you are wallpapering onto is a pale colour (ideally white) and of a consistent colour across the wall. This is to avoid any darker or lighter patches affecting the appearance of the wallpaper once it’s hung.

    Should I use the wallpaper on one wall or all the walls?

    Our wallpapers look good on a feature wall but they look equally fabulous on all four walls for more impact. Don’t forget the ceiling either (known as the fifth wall) as designs like our Stars wallpaper look great on the ceiling too!

    Can I use your wallpaper in a bathroom?

    Our wallpapers are made from paper so using them in a steamy, damp environment will adversely affect the wallpaper.

    Are your wallpapers washable?

    No, our wallpapers are not washable. Washing the wallpaper will damage the wallpaper. If you have a mark on the wallpaper you can try gently wiping the mark with a clean damp cloth.

    How can I protect the wallpaper?

    If you wish to protect the wallpaper, you can use a product such as Polyvine Decorators Varnish. This is a matt varnish deigned to protect wallpapers and paintwork. We recommend you try the varnish on a small sample of wallpaper before use to check you are happy with the result.

    My wallpaper is faulty, what do I do?

    If you believe there is a fault with your wallpaper, please contact us and we will be happy to help.